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Executive Learning Groups

We specialise in providing Executive Learning Groups. We also provide Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

Executive Learning Groups help members to lift and sustain their performance and to excel in their job, career and personal life. Each Group brings together high performing senior executives at a similar organisational level from across the Commonwealth and State/Territory jurisdictions in Australia, as well as from New Zealand.

Groups meet quarterly within a confidential and collegiate environment. They are expertly led by former public sector executives who are highly skilled facilitators with executive coaching experience. Most meetings include a specialist guest speaker on relevant leadership themes and/or senior public sector leaders who share the lessons they have learnt.

Would you like to:

• Improve your overall performance;
• Enhance your leadership capability;
• Gain exposure to cutting edge developments;
• Develop broader perspectives and apply foresight;
• Learn new ways to achieve results through others;
• Demonstrate greater resilience and actively reduce stress;
• Create your own expert advisory board with trusted peers from other organisations;
• Take greater control of your career; and
• Pay more attention to your life outside work?

If so, then please contact us about joining one of our Executive Learning Groups.

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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Our Executive Coaching is a one-on-one goal-focused professional relationship that helps people produce outstanding results in their life, career and organisation. Through the process of coaching, our clients improve their performance and enhance their productivity and quality of life. Our coaches are engaged to listen, to observe and to customise their approach to individual client needs.

Increasingly leaders across the public sector need the support of ‘experienced, trusted and wise heads’ to help enhance positive outcomes, particularly during times of career transition. A mentor with the ability to pass on knowledge and guidance can produce outstanding outcomes for both the individual and their organisation. Each of our mentors has held public service roles at levels equal to or higher than those they would be mentoring.


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