Jeff Whalan Learning Group

... growing exceptional leaders

Jeff Whalan Learning Group works with public sector CEOs and senior executives from Australia and New Zealand to help them improve their capability and performance. Our focus is on building leadership and strengthening management within the public sector. We do this by bringing individuals together in facilitated peer learning groups.

Our other services include: one-on-one executive coaching and mentoring services; career development and job satisfaction workshops; and united leadership programs.

Images courtesy of Peter Taylor

Executive Learning Groups

Executive Learning Groups help members to lift and sustain their performance and to excel in their job, career and personal life. Each Group brings together high performing senior executives at a similar organisational level from across the Commonwealth and State/Territory jurisdictions in Australia, as well as from New Zealand.

Other Services

Jeff Whalan Learning Group offers other services including executive coaching and mentoring, career direction and job satisfaction workshops, and our united leadership program.

Images courtesy of Peter Taylor

Our People

The JWLG team consists of highly qualified executive leadership facilitators and coaches, with proven track records and outstanding credentials. In addition to holding relevant coaching qualifications and/or extensive experience, all members are former executives or senior managers in the public sector.