About Us

Jeff Whalan Learning Group is a collaboration of experienced past public sector leaders, who have been assembled by Jeff Whalan to deliver Executive Learning Groups and other programs for senior public sector leaders. The experiential and group nature of our programs have been developed over 10 years and are widely regarded by participants as providing a practical and highly relevant development environment – built around the elements of trust and peer support – see comments below.

We work with public sector CEOs and senior executives from Australia and New Zealand to help them improve their capability and performance. Our focus is on building leadership and strengthening management within the public sector. We do this by bringing individuals together in facilitated peer learning groups.

What do current & former members say about our learning groups?

“I hardly know where to start, my ambition has grown along with my confidence. I have a wide group of trusted peers. My career has taken off. Thank you!”

“Rewarding, insightful and it has challenged me to reflect more on my career goals and strategy for achieving these. I’ve loved it!”

“Enriching, and rewarding. Coming away from each group session allows you to grow solutions to problems you are working through.”

“The experience reinforced for me the importance of authenticity and this helped me to have the confidence to ‘be me’.”

“The opportunity for discussions with colleagues from other jurisdictions and New Zealand is fantastic.”

“Very effective peer support group, always in a “safe” environment, but key word is LEARNING group.”

“The opportunity to share problems and hear perspectives from other colleagues around both big picture issues and micro matter is really helping me do my job better.”

“JWLG helps me to be more curious/analytical in my thinking and to be a more effective leader. A pleasure…”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of the (Executive Learning Group).   I feel this has been a real privilege.  I have learned much about the broader public service that has helped me to develop my “world view”.  But most of all I’ve felt very supported by my colleagues in this group and that has been invaluable.  Great professional development.”

“It has been a positive and supportive experience that counterbalances the isolation of my CEO role.”

“Invaluable. The past two years participation have seen me increase my thoughtfulness and resilience at work.”

“Highly valuable. The best thing I’ve done in development space. Great Format. Terrific networking and sharing. Very powerful learning.”

“The most effective way I have found to make progress on my leadership, work/life balance, and to pick up/think through strategies to address issues I/we face.”

“A wonderful environment to tap into the wisdom and support of a group of people I greatly respect, and to prompt me into areas of thought I would not go by myself.”

“Valuable – I’m not one for development sessions but find this the first one where I can really learn from others experiences because of the level of people involved.”

“The discussions about people management challenges reinforced the notion (which was my natural disposition) that being open and honest is the most effective leadership strategy. It confirmed the importance of ‘being myself’.”

“I love it – it’s my most valuable development experience, and I get more out of it every time I participate.”